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Sunshine City by Wayman

Sunshine City by Wayman

Note: All video footage and photo which I have used in the preview are not included in the archive. Thanks to the authors for providing the Creative Commons License.

  • Summer Holiday
  • Oxford & Cambridge Summer School 2012
  • Miami Beach Florida 2013
  • Alli and Emma
  • Lakai The Kid Awesome 4 years old skateboarder
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y9zUWyhsjKg
  • Thailand – Summer 2012
  • Dakine-Shop presents Summer in Munich
  • Anna Tur @Pure Summer Love (17-06-2012)
  • Ko Olina Fireworks—Helicopter View
  • a very non wedding
  • Kirill & Anna – Finally found you
  • Katy Rodriguez
  • Description: This project is a template for a slideshow. This may be a wedding slideshow, or maybe a holiday slideshow, or on any other occasion when you want to please your friends and family. Add to the template pictures from your photo album and you’ll get a beautiful slideshow about wonderful moments of your life. Enjoy them again!