Whiteboard Hand Drawing Promo by MisterHorse

Whiteboard Hand Drawing Promo by MisterHorse

Promote your or client’s business, app or service.
Versatile customisation, simple to use. 54 ready made pre comps. Video tutorial included.

Estimated time to understand, edit and finish the video (from unzip to start rendering) is 15 minutes (if you have prepared the text content video / image assets in advance).


  • 54 ready made pre comps which you can just drag & drop to scenes
  • the composition in the preview video is of course included
  • the main composition is made of individual “scene #” comps for easier editing
  • you can just drag & drop ready made comps into scenes
  • All hand drawn custom stuff
  • Colour slider for customisation of coloured images (hue slider)
  • PDF documentation
  • font used: “Never Say Never”. Link included in the documentation
  • Video tutorial included, short and straight forward (7 min long)


  • No plugins required
  • No pre-renders
  • Full HD 1920×1080, can be easily converted to any lower resolution
  • Supports Adobe After Effects CS5 and above

CUSTOMISATION SERVICE Unfortunately, right now I don’t offer customisation service for my template.

But be sure to check this cool customisation service here at


  • Audio file is not included in project files but can be downloaded here.

Whiteboard Pack - Make Your Own Story by MisterHorse

Whiteboard Pack - Make Your Own Story by MisterHorse
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