Epic - Corporate Presentation Suite by Divided_We_Fall

Epic - Corporate Presentation Suite by Divided_We_Fall


Epic is an After Effects project created exclusively for Videohive. It’s a collection of scenes, elements, lower thirds, titles and transitions that can be used to create corporate presentations, company profiles, portfolio presentations, annual reports, infographics, educational videos, promo videos and more.


  • 41 Scenes and Elements to tell your own story
  • 56 Media Placeholders
  • 16 Lower Thirds
  • 12 Title & Typography Styles
  • 4 Transitions
  • 4 minute Quick Video Guide to help you get started right away
  • 25 minute Video Documentation to help you with questions you might have
  • Single Elements can be combined together to make new scenes
  • 100% After Effects
  • Full HD (1920×1080)
  • 25FPS & 30FPS versions
  • The video preview is included as an After Effects Project that can be edited
  • A blank version of Epic is also included, so you can start your story from scratch
  • Easily customizable
  • Clean and elegant design
  • Assets are well organized in folders
  • Easily change theme colors across the entire project
  • Use Color Instances to easily apply theme colors on new elements
  • Infographics elements (Bars & Rings) are powered by our best selling item, Analyst
  • The only scene that requires plugins (Particular) is the Digital Cloud. For all other scenes, no plugins are required
  • Scenes & Elements

  • Browser Research
  • Client Logos – 10 Items
  • Client Logos – 15 Items
  • Client Logos with Title
  • Counters
  • Digital Cloud
  • Features
  • Features with Title
  • Full Screen Media
  • Gallery
  • Infographics Bars
  • Infographics Rings
  • Intro
  • List – 6 Items
  • List – 12 Items
  • List with Title
  • Quote
  • Single Browser
  • Single Client Logo
  • Single Contact – Extra
  • Single Contact – Facebook
  • Single Contact – LinkedIn
  • Single Contact – Twitter
  • Single Contact – YouTube
  • Single Counter – General
  • Single Counter – Facebook
  • Single Counter – LinkedIn
  • Single Counter – Twitter
  • Single Counter – YouTube
  • Single Feature
  • Single List Item
  • Single Ring Chart
  • Single Search Bar
  • Single Team Member
  • Single Testimonial
  • Slideshow
  • Social Media Contacts
  • Team Members
  • Testimonials
  • Timeline
  • Video Player
  • Notes Fonts used: Outage (for the intro), Helvetica Neue Pro
    Music used in the video preview: Edited version of Your Greatest Moments by MusicPremium. (Not included with the project)
    The star and all other eps icons are used with permission from Pixeden and are included with the project
    The video footage used in the preview video is Digitized 2013 Titles and is used with permission from Monologue. It is NOT, however, included with the project.


    Press Play - Video Marketing Promo by Divided_We_Fall

    Press Play - Video Marketing Promo by Divided_We_Fall
    Easily change colors across the entire project 99% After Effects (Social Media Icons are pre-rendered) Easily edit the texts to use your own statistics Smooth Animations Colourful and vibrant feel Clean, minimal and a little retro design Full HD (1920×1080) 30FPS Assets are well…

    Analyst by Divided_We_Fall

    Analyst by Divided_We_Fall
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    Dark Spirits by Divided_We_Fall

    Dark Spirits by Divided_We_Fall
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    Fireframes Opener by Divided_We_Fall

    Fireframes Opener by Divided_We_Fall
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    Destruct by Divided_We_Fall

    Destruct by Divided_We_Fall
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    Bliss by Divided_We_Fall

    Bliss by Divided_We_Fall
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    Circle Circus Logo by Divided_We_Fall

    Circle Circus Logo by Divided_We_Fall
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    Analyst 2 by Divided_We_Fall

    Analyst 2 by Divided_We_Fall
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