Slideshow With Colorful Patterns by 15owls

Slideshow With Colorful Patterns by 15owls

Hi everyone!

I would like to present you simple and clean slideshow with colorful patterns!Slideshow would looks good for family photos, love story, weding, event or personal photo album. Enjoy;)

  • Ae cs5 and above
  • No plugins required
  • Pretty easy to edit and change colors
  • PDF tutorial included
  • 20 placeholders for photos and text
  • 15 colorful animated patterns
  • Fast render
  • Audio file here:
  • Font:
  • Photos not included, you can get them here:
  • Simple Logo Formation 5 by AlexZlatev

    Simple Logo Formation 5 by AlexZlatev

    “Simple Logo Formation 5” is an elegant logo animation created in Affter Effects CS5. This project will present your logo or text in an corporate, elegant and stylish way. The background is very simple so that the accent is on your personal logo. The projects is very easy to customize. The sound preview is not included. The template does not require any additional plug-ins (Cycore Effects are requiered). The music can be purchased from . There is a video tutorial included to help you customize your project if you face any difficulties.

    Heavenly logo reveal by UNVI

    Heavenly logo reveal by UNVI

    Hi, dear colleagues!

    This AE template was made by standart tools only – no thirdparty plugins, no prerendered stuff.You don’t need to buy additional plug insYou have full freedom to change everything you want.There are two verstions – RED & BLUES ones

    The sound is NOT included.

    This is an After Effects project file, for After Effects CS4.Width – 1280 px, height – 720, frame rate – 29.97 fps. (HDV/HDTV 720 29.97)



    MULTYSCREENS with is a fully combined HD ready composite animation sequence. MULTYSCREENS contained 4 composition with 24 and 9 photos or video scenes.All compositions is full editable!

    Photo Montage 36 by didgi

    Photo Montage 36 by didgi

    Photo Montage Project for Ae CS4 +

    Feature list=>

  • 4 Projects included
  • 36 Placeholders for each project
  • Duration 3min 30secs
  • Formats: SD(720×480), HDV +HD(1920×1080)
  • 2 Versions=>switch with one click from version 1 to version 2
  • Video tutorial included
  • 4 Master Controllers to control all 36 layers with only one click for>

    Text: colour/size/z space/visibility

    Reflection: opacity/scale/linear wipe/feather/light sweep

  • Minimal by Kinematic

    Minimal by Kinematic
    • 1920×1080 Full HD 25fps project
    • AE CS5, CS5.5 and CS6 projectfiles
    • Drag ‘n Drop project style
    • No plugins required
    • The project contains three chapters; each containing 5 slides
    • Very easy to add your footage/text
    • Instant highlights on logo and footage!
    • With basic AE knowledge it’s possible to change the chapter icons and social media icons
    • Each slide has a fixed duration of 5 seconds (can be altered with advanced AE knowledge)
    • Hi-res 21:9 placeholders (1920×816 pixels)
    • Each slide is compatible with any source-footage: photographs, video, etc.
    • Total duration: 1.35

    • If you want to add more slides, re-time slides or if you have custom design wishes, contact me for a quotation!
      The project uses the free Peax Handwriting font.Get it here.

      Audio, designs and video not included in the project. Icons are from
      Music, photography, design & video:

    Flip Slides by yeremia

    Flip Slides by yeremia

    Hello everyone.

    I introduce you to my another fresh after effects CS4 project. this project is like website flash, I hope this project very useful for presentation, slideshow, web, opening, corporate, etc… No third-party plugins needed, very smooth animation, very clean project and professional.

    Note : Cycore fx inluded with After Effects full version must be installed

    Description of the project :
    • CS4, CS5 Compatible
    • HD 1920×1080 29 fps
    • Duration 1:25
    • 13 Text Holders
    • 10 Placeholders (Image or Video)
    • PDF help file showing you how to change text and placeholder include with screenshot
    • Music in the preview is not include in the download, but you can buy here
    • Music from D_cooper Thanks for this great music
    • Easy to edit
    • Picture in the preview is not include in the Zip file, only for preview purpose only.
    • You Can Buy It HERE
    • You Can Buy It HERE
    • You Can Buy It HERE
    • You Can Buy It HERE
    • You Can Buy It HERE
    • You Can Buy It HERE

      please rate this project at your download section. Thanks

    Scary Logo by jackoart

    Scary Logo by jackoart

    Hey guys!Here is my new logo reveal named Scary Logo. It is project for Adobe After Effects CS3 or CS4 .


    • HD RESOLUTION (720p)

    “Scary Logo” is Template for After Effects CS3 in HD (1280×720)

    Compositons very easily customized, insert text/logo, change fonts and colors.

    Beast Logo Reveal by Nullifier

    Beast Logo Reveal by Nullifier


    Hello and welcome to my new “Beast Logo Reveal” project with very powerful and stunning look for your logo or any text message.

    Very easy to customize, just insert your logo and render it out. You can replace all textures and create your own exclusive look. Audio file is created by me, especially for this project and it’s included.


    • 100 % After Effects
    • Full HD 1920×1080
    • No plug-ins required (Pre-rendered Particular included)
    • Very easy to customize
    • 2 color styles
    • Help file
    • +BONUS! Audio file included
    • +BONUS! 5 HD textures
    • CS4, CS5, CS5.5, CS6 compatible

    Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

    One Touch Corporate Presentation by JBMotion

    One Touch Corporate Presentation by JBMotion

    One Touch Corporate Presentation by JBMotion Team is a 0:60 seconds long After Effects CS4/CS5/CS6 project. It’s perfect for companies or websites to send their message and show their profile with a modern look presentation on the web or mass media. The project is Full HD 1080p, and easy to customize.

    No plugins required. Super Fast render. Video tutorial included. Video/Photo Footage not included.

    The music track is not included but available for purchase