Sci-Fi Tunnel Intro by NickolasM

Sci-Fi Tunnel Intro by NickolasM

This is new 3D intro for your logo or text, images or video. You can use this project for any purpose. The project includes the prerendered 3D tunnel video in .mov format with alpha channel.
You can use any length for your video.

Sound FX included.

Used 1 external font:
Font: Younger than me, Negreta
Download it here:

In preview used music:
Author: MartijndeBont
You can get it here:

Hybrid .3 by elements

Hybrid .3 by elements

HYBRID .3 is a 0:20 sec High End logo reveal/opener/closer with strong metallic look ‘n’ feel.

NOTE: This file does not need any plugins.

Main features:

  • AE CS3 project – made with built in tools only
  • Native resolution – 1280×720px
  • First version, no plugins required
  • Second version for ones who own Optical Flares plugins to play with the settings
  • Easily replace the contact and modify
  • Change the color
  • Font download link is provided |minimalhard|
  • Video tutorial on how to edit the file.
  • If you need help customizing the project file, please contact me via my profile page..

Sound FX are not included but if you are interested you can drop me a line.

Quick and Easy Cooking by 3eka

Quick and Easy Cooking by 3eka
  • CS5 and higher
  • Full HD / 25fps
  • Plug-ins not required
  • No hidden scripts
  • 38 images with alpha channel and shadows
  • Video tutorial / 5min / Full HD
About project and what can you find inside zip file: This project is made to work with images but there’s place inside, where you can put your video.For example, you can place video in recipes composition as background or behind clock etc…I haven’t try puting video in Main Intro, but you can play with it and see how does it look.Main Intro contain mostly high quality images. Inside zip file you’ll find 38 free images at your disposal.Most of them are png’s and just few are jpg’s.If you want to add your own pictures, feel free to do so, but keep in mind, low quality images which can be foundfor free on internet, it wont do you good.Either pay few extra coins for some quality images (they are very cheap these days) or just use given one’s.Some images can be find here

From given images, you can make some new one’s by combining them.

Social Identity by fAntasticmE

Social Identity by fAntasticmE


This project is a nice way to make your costumers aware of you social profiles .

Requires 3rd party plug-in Trapcode particular v2


  • Includes a website reveal too
  • 1920×1080 Full HD
  • Easy to edit
  • Detailed help
  • 9 social networks
  • facebook,rss,skype,vimeo,youtube,linkedin,myspace,deviantart,twitter
  • If you need a 3D logo thats its not on the file i can make it for free so you can replace it yourself
  • Music track is from dejans found Here
  • Font
  • If you want any help feel free to contact me any time.

    Silver Squares by Creative-Medias

    Silver Squares by Creative-Medias

    • Silver Squares is created with After Effects Cs5
    • Compatible Cs5, Cs5.5, Cs6 and Creative Cloud
    • Full HD 1920×1080 resolution
    • The project is very easy to be customized
    • Insert up to 16 medias, 2 texts and one logo
    • You don’t need any plugins
    • ReadMe.pdf with instructions & help included
    • Music “Silver Squares” available on AudioJungle here

    Plectrum Logo Reveal by sachinjoshi

    Plectrum Logo Reveal by sachinjoshi


    Plectrum Log Reveal is the Hard Rock electrifying After effects Template suitable for your Music related Logos, Recording Studios Logo or for any Musical Productions Logo,

    Project Hightlights

    -Aecs4 and Higher version Compatible

    - Full HD resolution

    - Easy to Edit, Video tutorial Included.

    - No plugins Required, Prerendered Guitar Scene.

    - Audio is by ScoringAudioGeeks. Get it here at

    Elegant Light Rays Logo Reveal by Kosmos

    Elegant Light Rays Logo Reveal by Kosmos
    Watch HD PREVIEW on

    Reveal your logo with this clean and elegant volumetric lighting effect. This professional animation template is very easy to use. Replace the logo with your own, rewrite the tagline and render! No plug-ins required. Original version with Trapcode Particular 2 is also included. Cycore (CC) plugins which comes with After Effects have to be installed.


    • Duration — 12 sec
    • No plugins required
    • Compatible with CS4 or above
    • Detailed video tutorial
    • Quick and easy to customize
    • 8 pre-made color presets (you can make your own in a few minutes)
    • Ready to render in HD 1080, HD 720

    The music by tatreal is not included, but it can be purchased HERE.

    Amazing Particles Logo Reveal by johnnybd

    Amazing Particles Logo Reveal by johnnybd

    Amazing Particles Logo Reveal ** There’s been several reports of “flickering” with Adobe After Effects CC 2014, If that’s the case Disabling / Enabling GPU Rendering and exporting again seem to do the trick
    Introducing Colorful, Swirly, Dynamic Solution to amaze your clientele with your brand or logo.
    You’ll just need a transparent logo (a .png or any other format with an alpha) and you’ll be good to go! (No Plugins are required, Pre-rendered Flares (scratched lens texture)& Particles are included)
    Using Organic, Flowing and Beautiful motion graphics.
    You will “climb” up to your Logo, not before you’ll make use of Buzzwords, Quotes, or other features about your Brand that you’d like to highlight.
    Featuring a 1 Click color controller you could easily change the background gradient, text and logo color. Make the most of your Logo, and make the best out of your brand with this magical reveal / logo intro. Full HD, Pre rendered animation ensures a fast render and a beautiful particles reveal ;D Mattes (Floor Shadow, Depth, Alpha) included. Features
  • Full HD, 1920×1080 pixels, 24fps, After Effects CS4, Alpha,Floor Shadow,Depth mattes are included
  • Pre-rendered Project – just throw in your logo / text and render.
  • Sound by Scoring Audio Geeks –
  • PDF Manual for a quick start
  • Text placeholders with a corresponding camera move in AE
  • Color Controller to quickly change your text / logo / background colors
  • ScreenshotsChange Background / Text ColorReminder

    Flat Display Slideshow by Akifah

    Flat Display Slideshow by Akifah

    This template best for Photo Gallery, Corporate Promotion , Business Presentation, fashion gallery, showcase, display product, photography, portfolio.


    • Resolutions: Full HD 1920×1080
    • Frame rate : 29.97 fps
    • No Plugin Required
    • Video Tutorial Included
    • 14 Media Placeholders
    • Easy to change text, color and image/video
    • Music by Plastic3 :

    * If you need assistance, please feel free to contact me through my profile page

    Strangers Winds by Streelight

    Strangers Winds by Streelight

    Beautifull Project for any Business Purpuses was made in AE CS4 .

    You Could Use it anywhere as for the Web as for a Commercial TV…

    Simply Customizeble and very Organized. Exlusive Music gives this Scene Wonderfull fairy tale look.

    You don’t need any plugins to use this project ( all Graphix is Prerendered and Ready to Use ) and if you got Trapcode Particular and Optical Flares It’s Greate > you could Customize anything you wish.

    It will be greate to use this project as an Intro or presentation of your Product ( It’s All about your Imagination )