FR2345O – Smart Presentation by signs09

FR2345O – Smart Presentation by signs09

This package includes three different projects (six colors / blue shades / red shades). Each of them contains two different ready-to-render compositions. The first one manages 6 media over 45 sec. and the second manages 8 media over 53 sec.

This Adobe After Effects CS4 templates are great for a lot of uses: smart business presentation, corporate meetings, website promotion tool, personal use….

Projects Features:
  • Adobe AE CS4
  • NO Thrid Party plugin needed
  • All is built with AE (except two png files for halftone)
  • Very easy customization
  • Complete help PDF file (basic customization, advanced, tiprs…)
  • Three projects
  • Six ready-to-render compositions

    Music used during the preview isn’t included. That’s the REFLECTION music track of MUSICANT (AudioJUngle).
    SoundFX are not included. If you want them or encounter problems, drop me a message trough my VideoHive Profile.

    blue, black, red, orange, purple, fuschia, pink, green, lime, yellowcorporate, business, smart, presentation, classycubes, squares, clean

Comedy Movie Trailer and Titles by EnchantedStudios

Comedy Movie Trailer and Titles by EnchantedStudios

A bright, fun, chunky 3D text treatment perfect for your next comedy or family movie. The projects are set up in modular fashion so you could easily use individual scenes as titles for a lighthearted corporate presentation.

No plugins are needed, the 3D text is created within After Effects.

IMPORTANT NOTE : This project requires a long render time due to multiple layers, overnight rendering is advised.

The project contains a Movie Trailer sequence and a Title Sequence.

Photographs and Memories Tabletop by motionweeknight

Photographs and Memories Tabletop by motionweeknight

Welcome to or second installment of or Photographs + Memories series, TABLETOP.

Here’ s a fun and customizable template for your photo/video memorabilia.

It features 27 photo/video placeholder, 28 customizable text placeholder and a number of doodles

uses custom expressions and presets so that you may easily customize your project.

Main features:
• No 3rd party plugins
• Original content
• 27 customizable photo/video placeholder
• 28 customizable text placeholder
• A number of doodles that can be easily change color by one master color control to match your color palette
• Uses custom expressions where you can turn on and off overall ambient light effects and adjust fonts
• Full HD (1920×1080) Frame Rate: 23.976 fps
• Duration: 1 minute and 06 seconds
• Includes video tutorial
• Includes Adobe CS3 project file that is compatible with newer versions

Urbanization of Society by ElenaM

Urbanization of Society by ElenaM

This is a universal project. It is suitable for any of your photos.It is very easy to adapt:Change a footag in structure “Footag”.Change the text in structure “Text” I used a font “DINPro”. No plug-ins. CS4, CS5 CS6. Music is not included in the project.

Slider by d3luxxxe

Slider by d3luxxxe
Short description

40sec of flash like, modern, elegant, animation of your images, videos, messages and logos made for your footage to stays remembered. Ideal for fast and dynamic presentations and showcases. All you have to do is customize the placeholders, some text and Logo and you are ready to render, video tutorial is included to help you in customizing. Slider doesn’t have any pre-rendered footage. All elements are animated in AE.

Main features
  • After Effects CS4 or above
  • FullHD 1920×1080
  • No 3rd party plugins required
  • Organized and color coded
  • Video tutorial included
Additional informtaion

Sounds are not included but if you like them send me a PM. Feel free to contact me anytime if you find difficult to customize this template and I’ll try to help you as much as I can. Thank you for your time and don’t forget to rate.

Shattering Gallery Promo by Taerar

Shattering Gallery Promo by Taerar

This template is the perfect solution how to promote your company, service, app, or whatever you want

This After effects template provides the newest possibilities of new plugin from – Element 3D. Advanced camera setting, motion blur, high quality antialiasing and ambient occlusion delivers proffesional impression of your promo. This design can perfectly fit to wide range of use, from company promos to self promotion. You can adjust your colors in template to fit perfectly your idea. Customization is very easy, its enough to just replace placeholders with your images or videos and whole promo is ready. Render out whole promo in just 25 mins ? No problem!

Vintage and Grunge Film Effect 04 by runshinrun

Vintage and Grunge Film Effect 04 by runshinrun
  • Easy to customize. Add your texts, images, videos and you’re ready to render
  • Easy Controls:
    • Camera Roll on/off: Add smooth camera roll effect
    • Noise on/off: Add Noise
    • Film Frame: Choose from 10 vintage style film frames
    • Film Noise on/off: Choose from 20 vintage and grunge film noises
    • Blur on/off: Add rack focus style blur
    • Film Scratches on/off: Add realistic film scratches
    • Vignette: Choose from 5 presets
    • Light Leaks on/off: Add realistic light leaks
    • Light Reflections on/off: Add realistic light reflections actually filmed in camera
    • Color Presets: Choose from 60 vintage style color presets
    • Film Burn on/off: Add realistic film burns
  • Extra Features:
    • 10 Vintage Style Pre-Designed Film Frames
    • 20 Vintage and Grunge Style Looped Film Noises
    • 44 Light Flash Stock Footages
    • 98 Light Reflection Stock Footages
    • 10 Particle (Film Snow) Stock Footages
    • 60 Vintage Look Color Presets (60 ffx files are included)
    • 5 Different Style Vignettes
  • 1920×1080 HD resolution
  • No third-party plugins needed
  • After Effects CS5 and above

  • Elegant Butterflies by riddlerius

    Elegant Butterflies by riddlerius
    Elegant Butterflies Hope you like it as I do this elegant butterfly project. Easily choose from 14 different butterflies to create your own selection. In full HD this project looks ridiculously good as any buyer will discover. All tributes goes to my wife to make me to create this project today (there is already a lot of project with this theme, but this is unique (I think)).

    Item list:
    • Full HD
    • No plugins needed.
    • Easily change background
    • A/V help file is included
    • Song used is not included. you can download this song here.
    New Arrival:


    Crime & Law:Multipurpose Slideshows & OpenersSeasonal Openers & Misc

    Movie Trailer – Darkness with Lighting by DEFOCUSFMG

    Movie Trailer – Darkness with Lighting by DEFOCUSFMG
    Movie Trailer – Darkness with Lighting

    This is made for 3D Title Trailer, Movie Trailer, Movie Titles, Dynamic Trailer.
    Very easy organized. Insert Your logo, titles, images, videos.

    • After Effects CS5 or High
    • 20 Image / Video Placeholders
    • 2 Introduction Logo
    • 6 Title Placeholder
    • Full HD (1920×1080)
    • Length: 01;14
    • Plug-ins Required: 3D Element or Optical Flares
    • Help file PDF (included)
    • Music used in the preview is not included
    • Music is composed by MartijndeBont. You can get Epic Hollywood Trailer.

    All videos used in the preview are authorized for use under Creative Commons License
    Womb – Trailer Deutsch from (Camino Filmverleih)
    The Big Bang from (Filament Features)
    La Vulnérabilité de l’Appel from (Studio Baldessarini)

    Reyvik Business Promo by mflourishes

    Reyvik Business Promo by mflourishes
    Simplistic. Contemporary. Timeless.

    This is Reyvik Business Promo. Use this fun, upbeat 60 second spot to promote your business, website, or service!

    This promo contains 23 fully customizable titles!

    • Beautifully designed animation
    • Easily customize text content, size, kerning, position, and even font!
    • Customizable color scheme tone (blue tone displayed in preview)
    • 1080p // 23.976 fps
    • Framerate is adjustable
    • NO plugins required
    • Video tutorial included
    • Quickly customize in minutes
    • Fast render times

    Watch the HD Version!