Fresh Reveal Unlimited by Vizard-Design

Fresh Reveal Unlimited by Vizard-Design

Watch Preview in HDThis “Fresh Reveal Unlimited” Project contains 3 Logo Reveal Templates:

  • Dirty
    • Duration: 00:16
    • In Preview Video: from 00:00:20 to 00:00:36
    • Music Used: “Energy Pop Show Ident” by Vizard Design
  • Corporate
    • Duration: 00:23
    • In Preview Video: from 00:00:42 to 00:01:05
    • Music Used: “Business Winner Ident” by Vizard Design
  • Winter
    • Duration: 00:13
    • In Preview Video: from 00:01:12 to 00:01:26
    • Music Used: “Christmas” by Twisterium

    Project contains 60 main and 3 winter style Animated Clips (Elements) with alpha channel to help you customize included Logo Reveal templates or to create your own unique and creative project.

    Characters Walking with Flags Creator by blueandred

    Characters Walking with Flags Creator by blueandred

    Design your flags, customize your characters appearance, drop your logo onto their chest, use them separately or arrange them using one of the pre-made compositions!

    This is an After Effects template, with pre-rendered 3d. Up to 1920×1080, 24fps.

    - Includes 5 looping cycles, from 2 different camera angles, just drag and drop your content in- Also includes 7 example 3d compositions for you to arrange your characters- Easy to use controls for customizing the template- Drag and drop your logo or design on to the characters’ chests- HTML help file- No plug-ins required

    On Air Graphics (Soccer) by jrtorrents

    On Air Graphics (Soccer) by jrtorrents

    This is a graphics design package for your on air titles.It has all the ingridients that you will need for your on air sports packaging.

      Incuded in this package are:
    • Customizable 3d club logos
    • 10 on air titles covering from match staticstics to team strategy
    • One bonues file for your other titles
    • Pre-rendered images for fast work arounds
    • Broadcast ready
    • PS. The origial file is much longer than the preview video. In order not to make the preview long and boring I cut shot the duration of some of the videos.

    Golden Rings Wedding HD by signs09

    Golden Rings Wedding HD by signs09

    This Adobe AE CS4 HD package comes with 5 different projects files. Each of them is able to manage upto 15 media placeholders (thanks to the strong and modular structure of this project, it’s very easy to duplictae scenes and add them to the ready to render comp….).

    Classy, elegant and romantic presentation; great for all your weddings or love stories (album, memories…) projects.
    No third-party plug-in needed. PDF Help file included.

    There are five various color schmes. But you are able to easily customize each of the main rela 3D element for each scene of the project (explained process in the PDF HElp File).

    Other Wedding and Romantic Projects Collection here

    Other Old Photo Looks projects

    Take a look (by clicking the following links) at the various included presets / project’s versions:
    The VideoHive preview file is the first (A) project’s version.
    - PRESET A : VideoHive Preview File (with gold and beige color shades).

    Neon Wormhole – hi-tech tunnel flythrough by CinnamonVisualFX

    Neon Wormhole – hi-tech tunnel flythrough by CinnamonVisualFX

    This After Effects project creates a simple yet effective wormhole, flying through a hi-tech, glowing tunnel. Or a space vortex, or a jump into hyperspace, or to light speed, or maybe something something a bit like the old Dr Who opening but with more neon.

    The entire project is self-contained, no texture files, no pre-renders, everything is generated within After Effects. Trapcode Particular required.

    All colours in the project are linked to a single control layer, so the look of the wormhole can be modified with one or two clicks.

    Catholic Opening Titles by VolkanKutlubay

    Catholic Opening Titles by VolkanKutlubay

    Easy to edit project and help file is included.

    There are 2 versions.

    1-with particle and light effects.2-regular version without light and particle effects.

    There are total of 14 stock footages included inside the project each 5 seconds

    No 3erd party plugins are used and all the particles and lights are prerendered.

    The music used inside the project is called “Lonely Ghost Walk” and can be downloaded from below.

    The font used inside the project is “Celtic Garamong The 2nd” and can be downloaded from below.

    Arena by benandaim

    Arena by benandaim

    Arena is a fresh dynamic project that you can use to display products and/or services. Font links included in help file.

    View HD version here:

    - No 3rd party plugins required (AE built flares)

    - Video Tutorial:

    - Great mix of AE built and Pre-rendered elements

    - 7 video placeholders, 11 text placeholders and 2 logo placeholders

    Big Bang Logo Reveal by Stefoto

    Big Bang Logo Reveal by Stefoto

    Hello friends,

    This is my new After Effects CS5 project file. It’s hich impact logo reveal.

    Main features are:

    • CS5 and above compatible
    • No plug-ins required (Optical Flares and Particular are pre-rendered but additional files are included for those who have the plug-ins and want to modify them.)
    • HD resolution (1080p)
    • Six pre-made render presets – (1920×1080), (1280×720), (960×540), (640×360), NTSC 16×9, PAL 16×9
    • Two color versions
    • Eeasy set up – customize in a minute!
    • Help file included.
    • If you need help customizing the project drop me an email via my profile page.
    • please rate if you like it

    Audio is not included. Contact me for more information.

    Boxes Logo Reveal by DRL

    Boxes Logo Reveal by DRL

    Audiotrack author:

    • No plugins required.
    • FullHD 1080p.
    • Video length: 10 seconds.
    • Light, simple, clean look.
    • Editable light colors. You can completely relight the entire scene.
    • Extendable ending. You can keep the logo at screen for as long as you want (up to 1 minute). Very useful for further editing.
    • Editable depth for logo.
    • HDR (32-bits) colors, allowing you to be completely unrestricted if you want to color-correct the project.
    • Very small project size.
    • Very short render time (compared to true 3D render either in AE or 3D apps).
    • Music file, “Classy Ident 3” by Gareth Coker is not included, but can be purchased separately at this link:
    • Font used for the preview is Florencesans and can be downloaded for free here.
    • If you have purchased, Please rate it in your downloads section!
    Image preview

    Business People by dorde

    Business People by dorde

    BUSINESS PEOPLE – after effects cs4 project

    There is two versions of project:
    1. project with no plugins required, because optical flares is included as prerendered quick time h264 full hd 1920×1080pix, 95% quality file.
    2. project with all optical flares parameters, so you can play with this plugin
    - Link for free font included
    - 9 placeholders for your images or videos
    - Help file included. All compositions are very well organized
    - Instructions for export any resolution is included. This project is 1920×1080, but you can render any resolution you need

    - Footage is not included, it’s only for preview purphose.

    - Music is not included, if you like it please send me a message from my profile page.

    I’m sure thisone minute corporate / business / promo / intro video with several powerful slogans will fit great for you!

    Please let me know if you have any problem or suggestion about this template – send me a message from my profile page.
    Check my profile and other projects.
    Check full hd images here: BLACK (turn background off), BLUE, RED, GREEN, VIOLET (check help file and you’ll see how background color can be changed with one click)
    5 Styles quick preview: